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The following information is for vets who may which to refer their patients to Mill Referrals. Please see below a list of some of the procedures we are happy to perform at the surgery. Please do not hesitate in contacting us if you require more information.

Some of what we do

Cruciate surgery; TPLO, TTA and Isotunnel techniques

Advanced and simple fracture repairs

Brachycephalic obstructive surgery

Hernia repairs - diaphragmatic/perineal

Opthalmic/eyelid surgery. Distachiasis/entropion

Total and partial ear canal ablations

Ectopic ureter surgery

Urethral sphincter mechanism incompetence surgeries

Anal gland and perineal surgeries

Patent ductus arteriosus closure

Portosystemic shunt occlusion

Selected spinal surgeries

Pelvic fracture repair

Laryngeal tie backs

Advanced GI and hepatic surgeries

Chylothorax/lung lobectomies

Carpal and tarsal arthrodeses

Sliding humeral osteotomies

Elbow dysplasia/FCP surgeries

Shoulder stabilisation

OCD surgeries

Surgical Facilities

Advanced Anaesthesia

Oxygen cage

Blood pressure monitoring


Pulse oximetry


Ultrasound scanner with colour doppler

High definition digital radiography and contrast media studies

Flexible and rigid endoscopes of all sizes and Arthroscopy

External fixation sets

Dynamic compression plates

Locking plate systems

Urethral sphincter implants

Ameroid rings

Endoscopic balloon dilation kits

Full Biochemistry, haematology, electrolytes and acid base analysis available in house

Binocular microscope

Vaccum autoclave

Suction unit


Intravenous fluid pumps and syringe drivers

Compressed air surgical drills, saws and burrs

State of the art surgical preparations

MRI available by arrangement daily

Liquid nitrogen cryotherapy


Physiotherapy and cold laser treatment.

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